Universal station for CNC
machines automation


Loading and unloading 
automated station


 is a universal solution for automation of CNC machining processes.
It allows for comprehensive automation of one or two lathes.
It is suitable for the automation of medium-and high-volume production.

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RoboTower includes as standard:

  • a tower consisting of:
    • material buffer
    • storage space for machined parts
  • a robot with a handling grab
  • a machine integration hardware
  • a fencing
  • EC certificate


  • automation of machine door release (option)
  • workpiece cleaning station (with compressed air)
  • workpiece measuring and control module

The highest yield (the amount of parts produced within an hour) can be achieved only by process automation.

Thanks to that we can reduce any downtime to an absolute minimum.

To make the automation possible and economically justified, the whole process must be properly prepared and optimised, considering 5 key elements of the CNC turning process.

People, tools, process, machine and automation must be perfectly matched and harmonised.

Optimal parameters for centre automation:

  • 1 or 2 lathes in three-shift operation,
  • maximum raw material weight 7 kg,
  • diameter min. 20 mm — max. 180 mm,
  • height min. 40 mm — max. 180 mm,
  • suggested machine setup frequency max. 1/day

Sample parts

Economies of scale

RoboTower enables the automation of even two lathes on which two different parts are produced or two different operations are performed simultaneously.

Comprehensive solution

Automation includes loading, unloading, blowing, measurement of parts produced.

Quick machine refitting

The machine refitting requires only the selection of a suitable programme.

Easy operation

Operators, with only two-hour training, are able to operate the automated machine centre without any further assistance and in a safe manner.


Universal application

Standard solution created for machine automation.

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RoboTower - CNC lathe automation

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