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CNC lathe automation

Automated loading and unloading station

RoboTower is an universal solution for automation of CNC turning processes, which transforms two independently working lathes to a fully automated production cell.

Automation of lathes as a key of profitability improvement

Automation of the production process is a key to increasing competitiveness for machining companies.

RoboTower provides universal turnkey solution

We provide a complete solution for our customers. RoboTower becomes an integral part of your machine park.

Robot and automation can increase productivity

Industry 4.0 has a huge impact on economic growth and RoboTower is a response to market challenges and demand for improving of work efficiency.

The role of robots and automation in Industry 4.0

In modern times of Industry 4.0, automation of production processes is an essential element of the company’s development. Automation and robotization is a necessary action to increase production efficiency and improve competitiveness on the market. Labor cost increase and problems with operators on the market, force to entrepreneur to look for alternative solutions. RoboTower can solve your problems – universal solution for automating CNC turning processes, which transforms two independently working lathes to a fully automated production cell. Using comprehensive solution, where one operator can work with two RoboTower stations and support 4 lathes, you can get the most effective use of automation.

Increase efficiency and reduce costs

CNC lathes automation allows you to reduce the operator’s workload and gives you the opportunity to increase your margin. The extra man-hours can be used for company development and to implement strategy of increasing your competitiveness.

Price, quality and JIT delivery – meeting all these customer requirements is only possible with automation. Increasing of productivity, by producing more parts per hour can only be achieved by implementation of RoboTower.

Gain a competitive edge

You can gain competitive advantage by implementing automation of CNC process. RoboTower is a universal station for loading and unloading of machined parts. The use of RoboTower as an automation tool, significantly increases efficiency of the production process and allows you to achieve business goals related to the development of your company.

The only way to meet customer requirements and market demand is to use robot that will support the operator’s work by loading and unloading parts in machining process. In addition, robot can also perform other activities, such as cleaning of finished parts, measuring of machined parts, as well as packaging in accordance to process requirements. A comprehensive RoboTower solution helps companies reduce manpower in the manufacturing process and eliminates downtime.

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Production process automation and CNC machine automation is our specialty. We help companies start their adventure with automation. Not only by providing a robot, but we also analyze the entire CNC turning process to choose the optimal solution and help with its implementation.

We offer RoboTower – our standard automation solution that allows you to easily, quickly and economically turn a CNC lathe into a professional, fully automated production cell.
Automation of production with RoboTower allows to increase the efficiency of CNC lathes by more than 50%.

Economies of scale

RoboTower enables the automation of even two lathes on which two different parts are produced or two different operations are performed simultaneously.

Comprehensive solution

Automation includes loading, unloading, blowing, measurement of parts produced.

Quick machine refitting

The machine refitting requires only the selection of a suitable programme.

Easy operation

Operators, with only two-hour training, are able to operate the automated machine centre without any further assistance and in a safe manner.


Universal application

Standard solution created for machine automation.

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RoboTower - CNC lathe automation

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